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Our Story

Helm Tutors was founded in 2012 by Jiho Lee, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT].  When building Helm Tutors, Ji enlisted the help of close friends with a lot of teaching and tutoring experience.  Their combined experience and passion for education is what makes Helm a unique and special place.  You can learn more about Ji and a few of our wonderful tutors below.

Here are a few key traits that separate Helm Tutors from the others.  Just a few of the reasons that make us confident in asserting that Helm Tutors is the ideal tutoring firm for any student:

  • We deliver (We get results with over 100 Point improvement in each section of the SAT, countless perfect scores on AP exams and dramatic improvements both in confidence and mastery on academic subjects.)
  • We have the best team (Our tutors aren’t just wonderful people [See sample tutor profiles below], they are also abundantly qualified, with unparalleled love for their subject(s).) Our tutors are graduates of MIT, Yale, University of Chicago, etc.
  • We are small (We give each student and each parent a lot of attention.)
  • We are an affordable “high-end” tutoring firm (We offer competitive rates.  A couple of our competitors charge double what we charge for inferior service.)
  • We Care (We are in this to make a career as professional tutors.  But we are also doing this because we love education and we love talking about Math, Science, Languages, History, etc.)  We are very passionate about what we do and we CARE both about our students and our craft (our effectiveness as educators.)

To learn more, See “Our Services,” “Our Testimonials,” the sample tutor profiles below, or contact us To reach us, call 646-645-5173 or e-mail info@helmtutors.com.

Thank You,
The Helm Tutors Team