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Our Story

The founders of helm are a group of people who have education related work for a combined 40 + years.

We are people who were classroom teachers while simultaneously involved in tutoring.  In addition, one of the founders, Paul Leveno, has done publishing work for more than 10 years.  His Publishing work is covered many different types of book in three languages, English, Spanish, and French.

The second of the four founding member, Binyam Tafesse, has done engineering work while tutoring.

The other two founders, Nicolay (Nick) Mollov, and Jake Brodesky, are people who have done 6+ years of tutoring individually while pursuing medicine and consulting related fields respectively.

Together with the founders, friends who have 5+ years of tutoring and classroom experience made the core team of Helm Tutors.

Because tutoring is something that we all enjoy and love, and also because it offers us flexibility that other paths would not, Hem was born.

To learn more about our founders or our amazing team, please see Our Tutors.

The Helm Team.